With 160 solar systems sold.

April 13, 2014

The Sun was shining brightly on our first Solar Open House

On Sunday, April 13th, Solarize Needham had its first Solar Open House, in which about 60 people got a tour of Tyson King’s solarized home. Tyson’s home is also equipped with some of the most advanced energy monitoring systems. After getting the tour, perspective solar home owners were impressed with the solar production of his house and also the ability to monitor how the energy is being consumed in the house.

Astrum Solar reps were also on hand to further propel the success of Solarie Needham.

March 13, 2014

Solarize Needham takes the lead among all Solarize Mass towns

The enthusiasm in Needham for Solar Energy has helped propel Solarize Needham into the lead among all other towns in the current Solarize Mass challenge.

We are currently just a few photons away from the Tier 4 pricing and by the time the weekend is over we will be at Tier 4 pricing. Every now and then I am asked the question “is Solarize Needham going to reach the lowest pricing at Tier 5 and should I wait to see what happens?” It is quite easy to answer that question. Yes we will reach Tier 5 pricing, likely sometime in April, and no you should not wait to see what happens. When that happens EVERYONE who has signed a contract under the Solarize Needham program will pay the low Tier 5 pricing. The earlier you sign a contract under the program the earlier you will start saving money on your electric bill.

So far under the Solarize Needham program we are seeing homeowners save up to 100% of their electric bill with systems paying for themselves in as little as 5 years. Astrum Solar our “One Trusted Installer” has been a great partner for Needham and it has become quite clear why Astrum Solar was our choice out of a list of five companies that bid to be Solar Needham’s installer.

The goal and the charge of the Solar Coach for Solarize Needham is to be an advocate for Needham’s homeowners and business owners. If you have any questions the Solar Coach will do their best to answer them. If you have any concerns the Solar Coach will do their best to alleviate them.

Please don’t hesitate to email or call Artie Crocker with any questions: or 781-444-7020

March 11, 2014

MoeAsSelectman2Hats off to Moe Handel for signing with Astrum Solar!

Moe is excited to have signed a contract with Astrum Solar today on a Solar System that will power his home and pay for almost all of his electric bill.

Febuary 8, 2014

Standing room only at Feb. 6, Solar 101
Solarize Needham™ got off to an enthusiastic start on February 6 with a standing-room-only audience at the Needham Public Library. The message of the evening was clear: “There’s never been a better time to go solar.”

The February 6 presentation was the first outreach event after Needham’s successful application to participate in the Solarize Mass program, a statewide effort to increase solar electric installations for residences and businesses. The Solarize program involves working with one installer, who offers a tiered pricing agreement that substantially lowers the cost of installation. The more people who sign up, the greater the savings. (For Needham residents to get the special pricing, homeowners and businesses must sign a contract by June 30th.) Options include outright purchase of the system or no-money-down arrangements, in which homeowners do not own the solar panels on their roofs, but are able to buy the produced solar power at a price less than what the utility charges.

Welcoming the approximately 100 people who attended the meeting, Needham Solar Coach Artie Crocker introduced Astrum Solar, chosen as the “one trusted installer” for Needham.  Crocker explained that choosing an installer involved an extensive vetting process which included State entities, the Town, and local Solarize volunteers.  ”Our goal is not only to make solar affordable but also to make it easy,” said Crocker. “We’re doing all we can to ensure that Solarize Needham™ participants have a good experience.”

Elizabeth Kennedy, a Program Director for the Mass Clean Energy Center, filled in the details with an informative powerpoint presentation. After demonstrating the potential for solar energy in New England, she explained the goals of the Solarize Mass program and its success in the 21 communities which have participated in the past 3 years. Most importantly, she took the audience step-by-step through the process of going solar. What makes a house or business a good site for solar? How can solar save you money?  She explained many attractive financial incentives for solar, including Federal and State tax credits, a State solar rebate, NSTAR credits for kilowatt hours produced, and a 10-year income stream from Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs), which are based on the number of kilowatt hours of electricity produced.  Added to these existing incentives are the special pricing incentives of the Solarize Needham™ program. Solarize Team members are confident that Needham will have enough sign-ups to trigger the deepest savings for installation. A representative from Astrum Solar stated that payback periods of five years will be possible for many.

At the end of the presentation the room was still buzzing with questions and comments. Many signed up for a free solar assessment by Astrum Solar.

January 30, 2014

AstrumSolar“One Trusted Installer”
Solarize Needham selects – Astrum Solar

As Solarize Needham’s Solar Coach I am extremely excited to say that our Team, after three rounds of vetting, has selected Astrum Solar as our “One Trusted Installer.” Astrum Solar will be offering great; prices, customer service, warranty and workmanship as part of Solarize Needham™. During the vetting process I said to the candidate installers, “our team’s name, my name is going to be associated with Solarize Needham and I want the homeowners in Needham to be happy.” I am very happy with our choice of Astrum Solar.

The Solarize Needham™ team’s goal is to increase the adoption of solar energy systems through a grassroots educational campaign, driven mainly by Needham volunteers, and partnered with Astrum Solar with a tiered pricing structure that increases the savings for everyone as more homes and business owners in town sign up. Solarize Needham™ runs from now until June 30th.

We are having a Solarize Needham™ event kickoff and a Solar 101 on: Thursday, February 6th, 7-9pm, Needham Public Library in the Community Room. At this event Solar Energy experts from the Mass Clean Energy Center will present “Solar 101”, an educational session providing an overview of how solar energy systems work, an explanation on how Federal and State incentives can save you money, and how you can go solar with the Solarize Needham™ Program. “The time is NOW to go solar” so please join us where you will also have a chance to meet Astrum Solar and see and hear for yourself why we consider them the best choice for Solarize Needham™.

Artie Crocker, Solarize Needham’s Solar Coach

December 3, 2013

On December 2, MassCEC and DOER announced the fifteen communities who will participate in the second round of the 2013 Solarize Mass program: Adams, Amherst, Andover, Great Barrington-Egremont, Lexington-Bedford, Needham, Salem-Swampscott, Watertown, Wellfleet, and Williamsburg-Whately-Chesterfield.